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‘Elvis’ Collects Pair of Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards

Elvis topped the feature competition at the 10th annual Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards (IATSE Local 706), winning a pair of awards for period make-up and period hair styling.

Accepting with the team, Shane Thomas said of the team’s challenge to creating Elvis Presley, “We wanted to represent and respect, but not impersonate.” He also saluted director Baz Luhrmann’s “unwavering commitment” to filmmaking.

Also on Saturday at The Beverly Hilton, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever collected the award for contemporary hair styling. Department head Camille Friend dedicated the award to the late Chadwick Boseman.

Angela Bassett – who is Oscar-nominated for her role as Queen Ramonda in Wakanda Forever – received the Guild’s Distinguished Artisan Award during the ceremony. Bassett called the Guild members the “unsung heroes of filmmaking” as she accepted the award. “For any show, there is a team who works long and hard to help us bring to life the character. … In many ways, you are as responsible [as the actor].” She added that when she came to audiences in Wakanda, “they saw Queen Ramonda. That how important the work that all of you do is.”

Wrapping up, she exclaimed to applause, “Wakanda Forever!”

Also in the MUAHS Awards’ feature categories, Everything Everywhere All at Once won a trophy for contemporary make-up and The Whale claimed the prize for special make-up effects.

Elvis, Wakanda Forever and The Whale, along with All Quiet on the Western Front and The Batman, are currently nominated for the Oscar in Make-up and Hairstyling.

Hosted by Melissa Peterman, the show opened with the presentation of a proclamation naming Feb. 11 as Makeup and Hair Stylist Day in the City of Los Angeles. Additionally, IATSE Local president Matthew Loeb was on hand to help welcome and congratulate guild members, receiving applause as he asserted that “we have to have equal pay for equal work. Equal opportunities. LGBTQ rights. Women’s reproductive rights. There are social issues and work issues. IATSE will pursue these. … All work deserves dignity and respect.”

The complete list of winners follows.


Best Contemporary Make-up

The Batman Naomi Donne, Doone Forsyth, Norma Webb, Jemma Carballo

Everything Everywhere All at Once Michelle Chung, Erin Rosenmann, Dania A. Ridgway (WINNER)

The Menu Deborah LaMia Denaver, Mazena Puksto, Donna Cicatelli, Deb Rutherford

Nope Shutchai Tym Buacharern, Jennifer Zide-Essex, Eleanor Sabaduquia, Kato De Stefan

Spirited Monica Huppert, Autumn J. Butler, Vivian Baker

Best Period and/or Character Make-up

Amsterdam Nana Fischer, Miho Suzuki, Jason Collins

Babylon Heba Thorisdottir, Shaunna Bren Chavez, Jean Black, Mandy Artusato

Blonde Tina Roesler Kerwin, Elena Arroy, Cassie Lyons

Elvis Shane Thomas, Angela Conte (WINNER)

Till Denise Tunnell, Janice Tunnell, Ashley Langston

Best Special Make-up Effects

The Batman Michael Marino, Mike Fontaine, Yoichi Art Sakamoto, Göran Lundström

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Joel Harlow, Kim Felix

Elvis Mark Coulier, Jason Baird

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical Barrie Gower, Emma Faulkes, Chloe Muton-Phillips

The Whale Adrien Morot, Kathy Tse, Chris Galore (WINNER)

Best Contemporary Hair Styling

The Batman Zoe Tahir, Melissa Van Tongeran, Paula Price, Andrea Lance Jones

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Camille Friend, Evelyn Feliciano, Marva Stokes, Victor Paz (WINNER)

Everything Everywhere All at Once Anissa E. Salazar, Meghan Heaney, Miki Caporusso

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Jeremy Woodhead, Tracey Smith, Leslie D. Bennett

The Menu Adruitha Lee, Monique Hyman, Kate Loftis, Barbara Sanders

Best Period Hair Styling and/or Character Hair Styling

Amsterdam Adruitha Lee, Lori McCoy-Bell, Cassandra L. Russek, Yvette Shelton  

Babylon Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Ahou Mofid, Aubrey Marie

Blonde Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Lynnae Duley, Ahou Mofid, Robert Pickens

Elvis Shane Thomas, Louise Coulston (WINNER)

The Woman King Louisa Anthony, Jamika Wilson, Plaxedes Kelias, Charity Gwakuka


Best Contemporary Make-up

Abbot Elementary Alisha L. Baijounas, Jenn Bennett, Constance Foe, Emilia Werynska

Emily in Paris Aurélie Payen, Joséphine Bouchereau, Carole Nicolas, Corinne Maillard

Euphoria– Season 2 Doniella Davy, Tara Lang Shah, Alexandra J. French (WINNER)

Hacks – Season 2 Bridget O’Neill

The White Lotus Rebecca Hickey, Federica Emidi

Best Period and /or Character Make-up

Bridgerton Erika Ökvist, Jessie Deol, Sophie Brown, Bethany Long

House of The Dragon Amanda Knight, Sara Kramer, Heather McCullen

Pam & Tommy David Williams, Jennifer Aspinall, Dave Snyder, Bill Myer (WINNER)

Stranger Things Amy L. Forsythe, Devin Morales, Lisa Poe, Nataleigh Verrengia

Wednesday Tara McDonald, Nirvana Jalalvand, Gabriela Cretan

Best Special Make-up Effects

Angelyne Vincent Van Dyke, Kate Biscoe, Mike Mekash, Abby Lyle Clawson

Gaslit Kazu Hiro, Richard Redlefsen, Mike Ornela

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities Sean Sansom, Mike Hill

Pam & Tommy David Williams, Jason Collins, Mo Meinhart, Abby Lyle Clawson (WINNER)

Stranger Things Barrie Gower, Duncan Jarman, Patt Foad, Paula Eden

Best Contemporary Hair Styling                 

Abbott Elementary Moira Frazier, Dustin Osborne, Christina R. Joseph (WINNER)

American Horror Stories Valerie Jackson, Lauren Poole, Suzette Boozer

Black-ish Nena Ross-Davis, Stacey Morris, Shirlena Allen, Debra Brown

Emily in Paris Carole Nicolas, Mike Désir, Miharu Oshima, Julien Parizet

Kindred Jamie Amadio, Chantell Carrtherol

Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling

Bridgerton Erika Ökvist, Emma Rigby

Dangerous Liaisonsc Daniel Parker, Deborah Kenton, Claudia Stolze, Jana Radilová

Hocus Pocus 2 Cheryl R. Marks, Curtis William Foreman, Mandy Lyons

Our Flag Means Death Margarita Pidgeon, Stacy Bisel, Kate Loftis, Christopher Endow (WINNER)

Pam & Tommy Barry Lee Moe, Erica Adams, George Guzman, Helena Cepeda


Best Contemporary Make-up

Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration Bruce Grayson, James MacKinnon, Melanie Weaver, Angie Wells

Dancing with the Stars Julie Socash, Donna Bard, Alison L. Gladieux, Farah Bunch

Legendary Tonia Green, Tyson Fountaine, Silvia Leczel, Sean Conklin (WINNER)

Saturday Night Live Louie Zakarian, Amy Tagliamonti, Jason Milani, Young Bek

The Voice Darcy Gilmore, Gina Ghiglieri, Ernesto Casillas, Kristene Bernard

Best Period and/or Character Make-up

Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration Bruce Grayson, James MacKinnon, Tyson Fountaine, Julie Socash

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special Michael Ornelaz, Matt Sprunger, Jon Moore, Robin Pritchard (WINNER)

Legendary Tonia Green, Tyson Fountaine, Jennifer Fregozo, Glen Alen

Saturday Night Live Louie Zakarian, Amy Tagliamonti, Jason Milani, Daniela Zivcovic

So You Think You Can Dance Tonia Green, Silvia Leczel, Jennifer Fregozo, Natalie Malchev

Best Special Make-up Effects

Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration Bruce Grayson, James MacKinnon, Alexei Dmitriew, Mo Meinhart

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special Alexei Dmitriew, Scott Stoddard, LuAndra Whitehurst, Mo Meinhart (WINNER)

Legendary Tonia Green, Tyson Fountaine, Marcel Banks, Sean Conklin

Saturday Night Live Louie Zakarian, Jason Milani, Tom Denier Jr., Brandon Grether

Dancing with the Stars Brian Sipe, Julie Socash, Bianca Marie Appice, David Snyder                 

Best Contemporary Hair Styling

Dancing with the Stars Kimi Messina, Jani Kleinbard, Cheryl Eckert, Gail Ryan

Legendary Jerilynn Stephens, Kimi Messina, Dean Francis Banowetz, Lalisa Turner (WINNER)

Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls Chantelle Johnson Mosley, Shelby Swain

So You Think You Can Dance Dean Francis Banowetz, Kimi Messina, LaLisa Turner, Ryan Randall

The Voice Jerilynn Stephens, Darbie Ann Wieczorek, Suzette Boozer, Robert Lamarr Randle

Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling

Dancing with the Stars Kimi Messina, Johnny Lomeli, Megg Massey, Jani Kleinbard

Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration Anthony Wilson, Jennifer Guerrero, Maria Sandoval, Myo Lai (WINNER)

Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special Cassandra L. Russek, Amber S. Hamilton, Sean Smith, Dugg Kirkpatrick

Legendary Jerilynn Stephens, Kimi Messina, Johnny Lomeli, Suzette Boozer

So You Think You Can Dance Dean Francis Banowetz, Kimi Messina, Crystal Haynes, Johnny Lomeli


Best Make-up

The Bold and the Beautiful Christine Lai-Johnson, Hajja Barnes, James Elle, Dan Crawley

The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans Swanthula Boulet, Dracmorda Boulet (WINNER)

I Can See Your Voice Tonia Green, Christina M. Jimenez

The Kelly Clarkson Show Chanty LaGrana, Valente Frazier, Gloria Elias-Foeillet, Jessica Reyes Paccitti

The Young and the Restless Patricia Denney, Stacey Alfano, Kelsey Collins, Robert Bolger

Best Hair Styling

The Bold and the Beautiful Stephanie Paugh, Karlye Buff, Alexis Reyes, Danielle Dubinsky

The Kelly Clarkson Show Tara Copeland, Roberto Ramos (WINNER)

The Talk Jasmin Robles

The Young and the Restless Lauren Mendoza, Justin Jackson, Michelle Corona, Guilherme Schoedler


Best Make-up 

Danger Force Michael Johnston, Bradley Look, Kevin Westmore, Tyson Fountaine

The Fairly OddParents Michael Johnston, Julie Hassett, Gerardo Avila, Tyson Fountaine

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Season 3) Kimberly Collea, James Cool Benson, Maryann Marchetti

The Quest Elle Favorule, Michelle Sfarzo, Sonia Cabrera (WINNER)

The Really Loud House Sierra Barton, Alisha Baijounas

Best Hair Styling 

Danger Force Joe Matke, Roma Goddard, Yunea Cruz, Danyell Lynn Weinberg

The Quest Erica Adams, Alyn R. Topper, Lauren McKeever, Jennifer Tremont (WINNER)

The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder Joe Matke, Melanie Verkins, Justin Jackson, Jennifer Green

Raven’s Home (Season 5) Dwayne Ross, Tamara Tripp, Lauren Kinermon

That Girl Lay Lay (Season 2, Ep. 10) Dwayne Ross, Kari Williams, Lauren Kinermon


Best Make-up

Amazon: “Medusa Makes Friends” Dominie Till, Christien Tinsley, Josh Foster, Gunn Espegard

“American Horror Stories: Dollhouse” Promo Kerry Herta, Jason Collins, Alyssa Morgan, Christina Kortum (WINNER)

Imagine Dragons: “Bones” (Official Music Video) Ally McGillicuddy, Malina Stearns, Meg Wilbur, Dave Snyder

Omaze: “Ozzy Osbourne Has a Falling Out with His Pet Demon” – Richard Redlefsen, Chelsea Delfino

Ozzy Osbourne: “Patient No. 9” ft. Jeff Beck (Official Music Video) Richard Redlefsen, Chelsea Delfino

Best Hair Styling 

“American Horror Stories: Season 2” Promos Joe Matke, Tiphanie Baum, Jerilynn Stephens, Johnny Lomeli (WINNER)

“Bejeweled” Taylor Swift- Cheryl R. Marks, Allyson Joyner, Jemma Muradian

“Holidays: Romeo and Juliet” Amazon -Dominie Till, Gunn Espegard, Dawn V. Dudley, Renee Vaca

“Life in a Victorian Home” GEICO-Audrey Futterman-Stern, Tom Opitz, Jackie Weiss, Kerry Mendenhall

“Nourish Every You” LIL NAS X – Vitamin Water-Stacey Morris, Dominique Evans, Taurus Jerome


Best Make-up:

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” Jason Michael Torres, Timothy Santry, Jenni Gilbert, Yulitzin Alvarez

“Kinky Boots” Brandi Strona, Glen Alen, Lilia Villasenor (WINNER)

“Lucia di Lammermoor” Samantha Wiener, Brandi Strona

“Sleeping Beauty” Lindsay Saier, Lyre Alston

“Tosca” Samantha Wiener, Brandi Strona, Danielle E. Richter

Best Hair Styling:

“Kinky Boots” Brandi Strona, Jacki Nocerino, Mary Czech

“La Traviata” Jeanna Parham, Christina E. Martin (WINNER)

“Omar” Samantha Wiener, Danielle E. Richter, Jacki Nocerino

“Sense and Sensibility” Lindsay Saier, Leilani Norman

“West Side Story” Christina E. Martin, Y. Sharon Peng

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