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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Wins Cinema Audio Society Awards Feature Competition

The sound mixing team from Top Gun: Maverick won the live-action feature competition at the 59th Cinema Audio Society Awards, Saturday night at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown. The award went to production mixer Mark Weingarten, rerecording mixer Chris Burdon and Mark Taylor, scoring mixers Al Clay and Stephen Lipson, and Foley mixer Blake Collins.

Maverick topped a field that included the sound mixing teams on All Quiet on the Western Front, Avatar: The Way of Water, The Batman and Elvis — a field that mirrors the Oscar nominations in sound, an award that combines sound editing and mixing.

Last weekend, the Motion Picture Sound Editors honored a trio of Oscar nominees in its live action feature categories At the org’s 70th Golden Reel Awards, Top Gun: Maverick won the prize for effect/Foley, Elvis claimed the trophy for music editing, and All Quiet on the Western Front picked up an award for sound editing in a foreign language film. All Quiet additionally collected the BAFTA in sound.

Also at the CAS Awards, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio won the category for an animated feature, with trophies going to rerecording mixers Jon Taylor and Frank Montaño, scoring mixer Peter Cobbin, and Foley mixer Tavish Grade. The feature doc award went to the Moonage Daydream team of rerecording mixers Paul Massey and David Giammarco, and ADR mixer Jens Rosenlund Petersen.

The Better Call Saul team collected the trophy for one-hour television program. Speaking for the team, production mixer Phillip W. Palmer said of the series, “this has been a great journey.” Also accepting were rerecording mixers Larry Benjamin and Kevin Valentine, ADR mixer Chris Navarro, Foley mixer Stacey Michaels.

Among the close-knit group, Career Achievement Award honoree Peter J. Devlin (Wonder Woman, Frost/Nixon, Black Panther, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) received an enthusiastic standing ovation. Director Patty Jenkins and his fellow sound pros Teri Dorman, Phillip Palmer and David Raymond presented. Kenneth Branagh, Charlize Theron, Michael Bay and Chris Pine were among the video tributes.

“When Peter is on your film, the spirit of the actor is a little more present in your film,” Jenkins said, adding “Peter, I’d like to check your availability for 2024, because I never want to make a movie without you.”

“I have had the good fortune of knowing you as colleagues and friends,” Devlin told the crowd. He remembered working with actors including Chadwick Boseman on Black Panther and thanked all collaborators, in front of and behind the camera.

Alejandro González Iñárritu was this year’s CAS’ Filmmaker of the Year honoree, which was presented by Guillermo del Toro, Bardo rerecording mixer Jon Taylor (who also collected an award as part of the Pinocchio team) and Jose Antonio Garcia. He also received congratulations via video by several collaborators, including his Birdman star Michael Keaton.

“He makes the most of it; he’s really passionate,” Del Toro said of Inarritu’s passion for sound, getting a laugh when he added, “I know how much he loves sound because when we were mixing Pinocchio, he kept coming back every goddam week to finish Bardo.”

“Audio and sound design is one of my favorite parts of making films,” Iñárritu said, accepting remotely.

During the evening, Peter Kurland (Walk The Line, No Country for Old Men) was introduced as the next president of CAS, succeeding outgoing president Karol Urban. “There is true magic in this community,” said Urban.

Additional presenters included Elvis director Baz Luhrmann and Fire of Love director Sara Dosa.

With a nod to last year’s Oscars, host Ben Gleib received a fake “slap” in an act with a guest who walked on the stage during the ceremony; the act got a laugh when he quipped, “there was supposed to be a sound effect there.”

A list of winners follows.


All Quiet on the Western Front
Production Mixer: Viktor Prášil
Re-Recording Mixer: Lars Ginzel
Re-Recording Mixer: Stefan Korte
Scoring Mixer: Daniel Kresco
ADR Mixer: Jan Meyerdierks
Foley Mixer: Hanse Warns

Avatar: The Way of Water
Production Mixer: Julian Howarth CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Christopher Boyes
Re-Recording Mixer: Gary Summers
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Hedges
Scoring Mixer: Simon Rhodes
ADR Mixer: Bill Higley CAS
Foley Mixer: Tavish Grade

Production Mixer: David Lee
Re-Recording Mixer: Andy Nelson CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Keller CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Wayne Pashley
Scoring Mixer: Geoff Foster
ADR Mixer: Tami Treadwell
Foley Mixer: Amy Barber

The Batman
Production Mixer: Stuart Wilson CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Andy Nelson CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: William Files CAS
Scoring Mixer: Kirsty Whalley
ADR Mixer: Ryan D. Young
Foley Mixer: Darrin Mann

Top Gun: Maverick (Winner)
Production Mixer: Mark Weingarten
Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Burdon
Re-Recording Mixer: Mark Taylor
Scoring Mixer: Al Clay
Scoring Mixer: Stephen Lipson
Foley Mixer: Blake Collins CAS


Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (WINNER)
Re-Recording Mixer: Jon Taylor CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Frank Montaño
Scoring Mixer: Peter Cobbin
Foley Mixer: Tavish Grade

Original Dialogue Mixer: Paul McGrath CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Stephen Urata
Re-Recording Mixer: Ren Klyce
Scoring Mixer: Warren Brown
Foley Mixer: Scott Curtis

Minions: The Rise of Gru
Re-Recording Mixer: Tim Nielsen
Re-Recording Mixer: Steve Slanec
Scoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CAS
Foley Mixer: Jason Butler

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
Original Dialogue Mixer: Ken Gombos
Re-Recording Mixer: Julian Slater
Re-Recording Mixer: Greg P. Russell CAS
Scoring Mixer: Alan Meyerson CAS
Foley Mixer: Ryan Squires

Turning Red
Original Dialogue Mixer: Vince Caro CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Stephen Urata
Re-Recording Mixer: Ren Klyce
Scoring Mixer: Chris Fogel CAS
Foley Mixer: Scott Curtis


Good Night Oppy
Re-Recording Mixer: Mark Mangini
Scoring Mixer: Greg Hayes

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song
Re-Recording Mixer: Bob Edwards
Re-Recording Mixer: Scott R. Lewis

Louis Armstrong’s Black and Blues
Re-Recording Mixer: Leslie Shatz
Scoring Mixer: Louis Schultz

Moonage Daydream (WINNER)
Re-Recording Mixer: Paul Massey CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: David Giammarco CAS
ADR Mixer: Jens Rosenlund Petersen

The Volcano: Rescue From Whakaari
Re-Recording Mixer: Joe Milner
Scoring Mixer: Jacob Johnston
Foley Mixer: Kevin Carvalho


Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story E8 Lionel
Production Mixer: Amanda Beggs CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Laura Wiest
Re-Recording Mixer: Joe Barnett
Re-Recording Mixer: Jamie Hardt
ADR Mixer: Judah Getz CAS
Foley Mixer: Jacob McNaughton

Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities E3 The Autopsy
Production Mixer: Rob Beal
Re-Recording Mixer: Paul Shubat
Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Worokiuk

Moon Knight E6 Gods and Monsters
Production Mixer: Tamás Csaba
Re-Recording Mixer: Bonnie Wild
Re-Recording Mixer: Scott R. Lewis
Scoring Mixer: Scott Michael Smith
ADR Mixer: Doc Kane CAS
Foley Mixer: Jack Cucci

Obi-Wan Kenobi E6 Part 1 (WINNER)
Production Mixer: Julian Howarth CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Bonnie Wild
Re-Recording Mixer: Danielle Dupre
Re-Recording Mixer: Scott R. Lewis
ADR Mixer: Doc Kane CAS
Foley Mixer: Jason Butler

Production Mixer: Ron Osiowy
Re-Recording Mixer: Craig Henighan CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Terhune
Re-Recording Mixer: Joel Dougherty
Scoring Mixer: Frank Wolf
ADR Mixer: Jamison Rabbe CAS
Foley Mixer: Connor Nagy


Better Call Saul S6: E13 Saul Gone (WINNER)
Production Mixer: Phillip W. Palmer CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Larry Benjamin CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Kevin Valentine
ADR Mixer: Chris Navarro CAS
Foley Mixer: Stacey Michaels CAS

Ozark S4:E14 A Hard Way To Go
Production Mixer: Akira Fukasawa
Re-Recording Mixer: Larry Benjamin CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Kevin Valentine
Scoring Mixer: Phil McGowan CAS
Foley Mixer: Amy Barber

Severance S1:E9 The We We Are
Production Mixer: Bryan Dembinski
Re-Recording Mixer: Bob Chefalas
Scoring Mixer: Chris Fogel CAS
Foley Mixer: George A. Lara CAS

Stranger Things S4:E7 Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab
Production Mixer: Michael P. Clark CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Mark Paterson
Re-Recording Mixer: William Files CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Craig Henighan CAS
Scoring Mixer: Hector Carlos Ramirez
ADR Mixer: Jeffery Roy CAS
Foley Mixer: Peter Persaud CAS

The White Lotus S2:E1 Ciao
Production Mixer: Angelo Bonanni
Re-Recording Mixer: Christian P. Minkler CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Ryan Collins CAS
ADR Mixer: Debra R. Winsberg
Foley Mixer: Michael Head


Barry S3: E8 Starting Now
Production Mixer: Scott Harber CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Elmo Ponsdomenech CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Teddy Salas
Re-Recording Mixer: Sean Heissinger
Scoring Mixer: David Wingo
ADR Mixer: Howard London CAS
Foley Mixer: Darrin Mann

Only Murders in the Building S2: E5 The Tell (WINNER)
Production Mixer: Joseph White Jr. CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Penny Harold CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Andrew Garrett Lange CAS
Scoring Mixer: Alan Demoss
ADR Mixer: Chris Navarro CAS
Foley Mixer: Erika Koski

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S1: E9 Whose Show Is This?
Production Mixer: Marcus Petruska
Re-Recording Mixer: Pete Horner
Re-Recording Mixer: Karol Urban CAS MPSE
Scoring Mixer: Alvin Wee CAS
ADR Mixer: Doc Kane CAS
Foley Mixer: Jason Butler

The Bear S1: E7 Review
Production Mixer: Scott D. Smith CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Steve Giammaria
ADR Mixer: Patrick Christensen
Foley Mixer: Ryan Collison
Foley Mixer: Connor Nagy

What We Do in the Shadows S4: E7 Pine Barrens
Production Mixer: Rob Beal
Re-Recording Mixer: Sam Ejnes CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Diego Gat CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Marc Fishman CAS
Foley Mixer: Stacey Michaels CAS


Carole King & James Taylor: Just Call Out My Name
Production Mixer: Danny Kortchmar
Re-Recording Mixer: Gary A. Rizzo CAS

Formula 1: Drive to Survive S4: E9 Gloves Are Off (WINNER)
Re-Recording Mixer: Nick Fry
Re-Recording Mixer: Steve Speed
George Carlin’s American Dream E1 Part 1
Production Mixer: Paul Graff CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: Earl Martin
Re-Recording Mixer: Jason Gaya CAS

Lucy and Desi
Production Mixer: Sabi Tulok
Re-Recording Mixer: Patrick Spain CAS
Re-Recording Mixer: John W. Rampey
Scoring Mixer: Scott Sheppard

Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi’s Return
Production Mixer: Richard Hays
Re-Recording Mixer: Danielle Dupre
Scoring Mixer: Scott Michael Smith


Chelsea Rae Adams

Colette Grob

María Clara Calle Jiménez

Sophia L. White

Timo Nelson (WINNER)

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